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There are a lot of ways to watch movies these days. Well, I guess I’m kind of old fashioned when it comes to watching movies. I still enjoy going to the actual theater. I still enjoy the smell of the popcorn popping, going through the ticket line, and even the audience talking to the movie. The way you go to movies has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Most theaters have an online app where you can select your seats online and avoid the lines.

Theaters also have assigned seats now where you already know where you are going to sit before you get there. The Redstone Theater just recently built does not have this feature (well not yet) and guess what, I love it. Yes, you can buy tickets online but you don’t have an assigned seat. You still can come to the theater and actually talk to a live person and buy your tickets. You still have to get there early and find you a seat.

The Redstone theater is state of the art in every way but still with the old fashioned feel. Real moviegoers will love it, from the scenery to how clean it is, and all the way down to that fresh smell of hot buttered popcorn popping. It’s ok to be a little bit old fashioned sometimes.