When it’s time to think about doing something other than clocking into that grind that we only do because there’s a check attached, there’s not a lot of downtime to factor in. We’re stressed out and have a lot to balance: work, school, family, etc. And with all that going on – turns out that we’ve only got about seven-hours to relax at the most. That’s ALL WEEK!

And get this, according to pollsters for the beauty app Treatwell (who commissioned the study), around six in 10 of us say we “never” truly relax, because we’re always checking our phone for emails and messages!

As the folks at Treatwell point out, “Relaxing is hugely important, but it’s something we often relegate to the back burner of our lives.” So how in the world are the millennials kicking back and relaxing? Well…

  • 20% take our dogs for a walk
  • 14% lock up our phones and throw away the key
  • 59% turn on the TV to watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (or something like that)
  • 54% read a book
  • And 52% go for a walk around the neighborhood

Seriously people – let’s get some balance on…and while we’re at it, maybe a nap!

Source: Fox News

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