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LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 09: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Memorabilia and equipment on show in Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios on March 9, 2012 in London, England. The music recording studio has been opened up to the public for a series of events throughout March as part of their 80th anniversary. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Welcome back to my corner! My name is Olivia Bucco, I am the Fall 2019 Digital Content Intern for Beasley Media Group. This morning I was able to shadow Vonyetta in the Power 98 studio!

Today’s adventure entailed me joining Vonyetta, along with her intern Celeste, in the live studio. Vonyetta is an upbeat personality who spends her weekdays from 10 am-3 pm on air. We began the day by researching the latest “hot” news to fill the long breaks. Vonyetta explained how watching for breaking celebrity news is important to her show, and how she gives news clarity to her listeners.

While Celeste was learning the control board I was able to step in and learn a few things myself. The studio was very fast-paced but Vonyetta handles the pressure like a pro. It is fun listening to her show, but it was even more exciting to learn that she is even more engaging off-air. Vonyetta

We discussed how she made her show what it is today and what it takes to get there. Vonyetta was eager to explain how she gets her listeners to get hooked on the show. Her goals were inspiring, she showed her determination as she worked towards them.

My Perspective: 

Before beginning our session, I was excited yet also nervous because this was the first time I was shadowing a full studio experience. After conversing with Vonyetta’s intern, Celeste, I immediately felt connected to the high energy in the room. We bonded over interests in broadcasting and love for the radio, we even live in the same part of town! It was reassuring to find someone so similar to me, working towards the same goal. Vonyetta was very encouraging to both of us when showing the basics of all the equipment. I loved spending my morning in the studio and I am thankful to have met these two incredible people. I am hopeful that I will get a chance to spend time in the studio again soon.

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige