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Most of us have watched the trial of Amber Guyger  play out over the last month or so in a Dallas courtroom. We have seen everything from the testimony to her crying to her being convicted and then getting hugged by the Judge and the victim’s brother. Wheeew it has been a lot. The key witness in the trial Joshua Brown even became a prophet. Joshua Brown said on the stand that he feared for his life for his testimony. Well just a day after the sentencing his words proved to be prophetic. Joshua was gunned outside his apartment. Two days later (yup First 48 type shhhhhh) the Dallas police department has suspects, a full story, and heck maybe even a conviction. I’m not saying it’s not possible I’m just saying it’s very suspicious and convenient. I just feel it’s a lot of unturned stones to make it make sense for my mind. If he was a drug dealer why wasn’t this found out and brought up by the defense team, why wasn’t somebody watching him, and how did the police unfold the story so fast. It just makes you go hmmmmmm… but hey it could be true … I mean after all i did see a woman jump in a pit with lions and not get ate up just last week so i guess anything is possible.