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People either love coconut or hate it, and I think it’s because of the chewy texture of coconut. Let’s get right to it; I literally grew a more mature tastebud as a child and dispise box cake mixes. If I’m attending your birthday party and you serve grocery store cakes, I’ll claim to be watching my sugar intake and get a legitimate pass. Not every cake gets to touch my lips beause I require a bold and rich full-bodied cake like this coconut cake.  How about you?What do you require when it comes to cake? Do you perfer box cake mix over homemade? During the holiday try baking a cake from scratch, it’s actually not that hard as you think, and you’ll taste a 200% improvement, even the smell of it.  I think box cake mix made a surge in the late 60’s when both parents worked and convenience was key. They say cakes date back to ancient times, and they were totally different compared to 2019 cakes. They were more bread-like and sweetened with honey instead of sugar, which is a good thing, right.