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If you think Lala Anthony can’t act, that’s your problem, not hers.  The Power actress feels that she has proven otherwise.
During a recent interview Lala said, “I think you got to be worried when people aren’t talking. My thing is that I’m doing it. So, if I couldn’t do it, then why am I doing it? If you can do it better, then why you not getting the jobs I’m getting? That’s how I look at it.”
She also added, My thing is, I do it, I put my all into it. I didn’t start that way so it’s been a different journey for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. And I think people just naturally want to hate because you started differently. ‘You’re not a real actor, you started on the radio.’ Alright, maybe I didn’t come into it like you, but I put the work in, and I continue to put the work in so that doesn’t bother me.
Do you think Lala Anthony is a good actress?