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Picture this, you’re watching Netflix with your bae, and you get a notification that your ex has just slid their way into your DM’s. Are you hiding your phone from your bae or letting them know you’re getting hit up by a past lover?

Every relationship is different, but experts say it’s usually better to be up-front about it. Julie Spira, the online dating expert, and CEO at Cyber-Dating Expert, says you should ask yourself “will your partner feel uncomfortable knowing there’s a digital sidebar going on with your ex?” If yes – own up. Let’s review:

  • If it’s not a big deal (like “what’s that restaurant we went to last year?), don’t treat it like one.
  • But say it’s a “you wanna hook up?” or something like it – don’t be a dummy. Spill it before someone else does.

And here’s the smart stuff: if you’re spilling the beans, “do it in person.” Things go bad over text…and to imagine how you’d feel looking at a screenshot with no context. It ain’t a cute look. “Your S.O. can’t look into your eyes and see any emotions,” says Spira. “Nor can they hear the tone of your voice.”

Speaking of tone, you obviously don’t want to sound excited about the text and you don’t want to sound upset about it either. “The more matter-of-fact you can be in the tone of your voice and the short amount of time spent on telling them,” Spira notes. “The better off it is for your relationship.”

Source: Elite Daily

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