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Originally from New York City, We have been serving her signature cheesecakes in Manhattan since 2000. Our family-owned business has since moved to Charlotte, NC to share our passion for baking with our generational recipes of cheesecakes. Our family started baking cheesecake from scratch with premium ingredients and It was always a dream for our family to open up our bakery to people who can taste the love that we had for baking cheesecakes.

Although its timely baking cheesecakes is truly an art that cannot be rushed. Patience paired up with whole ingredients lends to our cheesecakes creaminess and our made from scratch fruit glazes are great toppings made from real fruit. We offer a wide variety of flavors from American classics like Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Turtle to Tiramisu. In addition to these, we have specialty flavors to go with other cheesecake treats. So whether you’re planning a wedding, celebrating a birthday, or coordinating a corporate gathering, we will be sure to make any occasion extra sweet and memorable!

Come by and Pick out your choice flavors for your Gift Box of our decadent Cheesecake Mini’s for your ANY occasion. We also offer Dessert Truck Services and Wholesale ordering for restaurants and eateries. Restaurants are welcome to fill out our online form for additional information here. You can visit the Charlotte location at 100 North Tryon Street (At The Corner of Tryon & Trade Street) Uptown Charlotte, NC 28202.


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