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I just got one question.. who makes the best macaroni and cheese in Charlotte? From soul food to fast food this is a question that needs to be answered. Let me think on this one. I’ll start with fast food. I think for a long time Bojangles had a strong hold on the fast food Mac & Cheese.  I think that crown has been taken and now is owned by non other than Chick Fil A. You know everything they touch turns to gold. On the soul food side whew it’s a lot tougher. There are so many choices and so many styles. I don’t think i can choose on this side. La’Wan’s , Na Na’s, Merts, and Floyd’s all make a mean soul food Mac & Cheese. I think y’all gone have to hit on Facebook and Instagram @iamnolimitlarry and let me know what you think. Who really has the best Mac & Cheese in the city?? Until then eat up !!!