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While the job of police officers is to protect the innocent from criminals, cops in Mint Hill, North Carolina are taking the notion one step further by offering to help the criminals, too.

In a public service message posted on the Mint Hill Police Department’s Facebook page, officials urge residents to be on the lookout for drug dealers who might not have their best interests in mind. “Some untrustworthy drug dealers are using their cell phone, instead of a certified scale, to display the weight of the merchandise that they are selling,” the message reads. The warning goes on to urge victims of the scam to contact police, who will send out an officer to weigh the drugs on a “certified” scale.

While it’s unclear if the ruse has gotten responses from drug users, it’s being appreciated by dozens of Mint Hill residents. One wrote, “OK, I just laughed out loud at this brilliant public service.”

Is “entrapment” a real thing?

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