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A coalition is urging buyers to make it a “Shop Black Week.” 100 groups have designated November 22 to 29th “Shop Black Week.”

The Shop Black Week campaign is a nationwide campaign that simply asks every American to support Black-owned businesses in November. Participating entities include organizations, Online-social groups and publications that have made the commitment to help spread the word with their social media accounts. With the support of these entities and as new supporters join in, it is projected that this nationwide campaign could be the most successful economic movement of all time and be able to profoundly help thousands of Black-owned businesses in the process. The last big movement for Black people was the Million Man March, but organizers feel that the time has come for another big movement, according to

For businesses, organizations and individual supporters who want to participate or want more information, they should visit

Do you make a conscious effort to support black owned and/or local businesses in your area?

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