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I’m a card-carrying foodie, and North Carolina sanctioned barbeque judge. I’m that woman who pats herself on the back for making amazing dishes, but let me introduce you to our award-winning Media Chili King, we call Brad.

He’s a certifiably insane home chef worth his weight in gold. This guy teases us with dishes created on a daily basis like this picture featuring a roasted baby pumpkin with mushroom risotto, scallops, and Italian sausage. That’s a mouthful, right? And, please don’t let the pumpkin or acorn squash in the recipe throw you for a loop because there’s no cinnamony spice used at all. For this dish, he used acorn squash, but you can use a baby pumpkin, acorn squash or any other type of sturdy squash.

Brad’s version of a roasted baby pumpkin with mushroom risotto, scallops, with Italian sausage was inspired by a restaurant he visited called the Oyster House Brewing Company in Ashville. Shout-out and much admiration to the chef in Ashville for thinking so creatively to stack it together. Oh, there is one ingredient you might not be able to find and that’s Brad’s signature seasoning made in his kitchen-lab. Are you ready to make this beautiful and deliciousness?

Use a “baby pumpkin” found in just about any grocery store this holiday season and wash, split in half, and don’t forget to use good olive oil on the pumpkin – after rubbing your baby pumpkin with olive oil, it’s time to roast it until tender, then set aside.  In a pot on the stove, make the mushroom risotto, and in a skillet sear the scallops and then cook the sausage. Put it all together on top of the roasted pumpkin, and thank Brad later. Brad says, “this is delish and one of the fanciest (yet easy) dishes I’ve made, and so impressive to serve guests.

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