This is the turn of the year where Colleges & Universities have their homecoming festivities and you get towards the end of that season.

I was recently at rock hill state aka Winthrop University to perform their comedy show with Kelly Kellz & Rip Michaels from MTV’s Wild N Out. As a comedian when you do shows you get caught off guard sometimes by the things that you see but I’ve seen a lot while performing and by far the best thing that happened at WU was 10 year old Cam. He was there because he wanted to see the cast from his favorite show live on stage and he wanted to be a part of the show which he ended up doing. He came on stage played some of the games and eventually he stole the show! Overall it was a a amazing show and I wish every crowd I was ever a part of had someone like him in it. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a comedy show?