In the Carolinas (especially the Charlotte area) we know commuting can be a drag. Though we have made some major improvements with the addition of new bike lanes, I-77 toll lanes to help tackle Uptown traffic, and even an extended light rail…sometimes the trip can be more painful than needed.

So whether you drive, bike or ride the light rail, we want to help make your commute to the Queen City a little bit more enjoyable. So, here are a few gifts we’ve selected that we think the average commuter will appreciate this holiday season.

  1. $7.99 MoKo Collapsible Travel Mug: Who doesn’t want there morning coffee or tea? Heck, even some morning water can make its way in here. This mug is very convenient as it collapses down after you are done. This makes it easy to store when you are on the go. The mug is made of silicone and leakage-free.
  2. $16.99 Mini Portable Sun&Rain Lightweight Windproof Umbrella: When it rains in Charlotte, it pours. There is nothing worse than looking your best and having the rain ruin your look. The simple gift of some portable cover is compact and memorable.
  3. $7-30 Streaming Service Subscription: When you are sitting on the bus or light rail for a long time, sometimes tuning out is your best friend. Giving the gift of a streaming service is a great idea for someone who commutes. You can see a list of pricing and subscriptions here.
  4. $39.99 myCharge Portable Charger Power Bank: This is perfect for the commuter that is tech-savvy and wants to ensure their phone withstands travel time. There is nothing worse than a dead phone in the middle of your Netflix episode. The external battery pack comes with a lightning cable built-in, eliminating the need for commuters to carry their phone charger with them at all times. It also includes an integrated micro-USB cable and a USB-A port, so it’s possible to plug three devices into the charger at once. See more here.
  5. $9.99 Rubbermaid Pop-Up Trash Can: No one likes a messy car and you best not throw that trash out the window! This Pop-Up Trash Can attaches to a front seat headrest to create a slim, convenient trash catchall with an easy to open the flip-top lid. Long commutes don’t stand a chance against your morning garbage anymore! See more here.

Enjoy your 2020 commute!

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige