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Knowing when to go
Who doesn’t love to travel the world when you have a passport? It’s a great way to make memories but isn’t always ideal for the bank account or time-off at work. Traveling doesn’t always have to drain your savings account, just use somebody else’s money! Just kidding. On a serious note, here are some budgeting tips to travel the world.

  1. Don’t eat away your cash. Exploring new restaurants is one of the greatest things about traveling, but it can break your bank. If they offer it, you can have breakfast in your hotel or Airbnb. Find a grocery store to buy the necessities to pack your lunch. Or try some of that great hole in the wall restaurant that locals rave about.
  2. Hotels and Airbnb are huge. Make sure you look at both before you decide to book. Recently Airbnb has better deals than your typical hotel. Make sure you’re comparing locations and space, too. Especially if you’re traveling with a group. 
  3. Have a plan. Not an hour-by-hour type of plan that I’m accustomed to doing, but a plan that your research because you’ll end up splurging on the first excursion you come upon.
  4. Book flights in advance. Don’t wait until the month before to book your ticket. They will not get cheaper the closer you get to the date, in fact they get more expensive. They say the cheapest day to book flights is on Tuesdays, and at least six weeks before you leave. 


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