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Fun Being Alone

Why did society program us to think that spending Christmas alone is sad, depressing or pathetic? When my family is out of town, I love being a solo act, but I’m fabulously weird like that and love enjoying me. Being alone actually gives you time for self-discovery and reflection. The downtime is healthy and well needed versus the tragic doom and gloom articles may allude to in their findings. Here’s a shortlist to consider if you’re spending the holidays alone. 

Adopt a pet for the week of Christmas or try pet sitting for someone

Get some needed sleep and relax for a change

Watch a Youtube video to learn how to meditate

Write a poem or a song

Learn how to knit or crochet something quick

Take a hike or go on a long walk

Of course, watch Netflix or Amazon Prime shows

Bake a pie for the first time

Call family and assure them you’re okay

Invite folks over for dessert

The list is endless if you have a vivid imagination and hunger for adventure. See you in 2020!


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