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Should athletes get paid

How do you feel about paying college athletes for their hard work? If college sports bring in billions of dollars what’s the big deal if athletes get paid for their gifts to the game?  Coaches and broadcasters get paid millions each year, and they’re only pushing agendas and lip service.

 They aren’t the only ones doing work, the college athletes spend hours training, practicing and studying for no cost. Granted, star athletes do get scholarships, but they need to get paid, or should they?

  • It would attract more athletes to stay in the program longer. 
  • It could lower tuition rates. 
  • It would stop corruption. 
  • Athletes can save, invest and earn a decent living.
  • It could create issues of paycheck equality. 
  • It could encourage schools to cut other programs. 
Not that many cons, huh? Should college athletes be paid? 


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