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French Montana recently shared what seems to be a police report stemming from Murder Inc’s affiliates’ previous attack on 50 Cent at the Hit Factory back in March of 2000, which left the “In Da Club” rapper with a stab wound.

Towards the end of the report, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent’s given name) is listed as an informant. Montana, who currently has beef with the rapper and TV producer, also teased a new song dissing 50.

“Where I’m from it doesn’t get no worse than this… A real-life rat wowwww 59 is a government informant and here’s the paperwork to prove it!!” Montana wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.

“I swear this is my last post…!! This beef is over…He already called the system on me!! I had to put the nail int he coffin how can you support anything this guy do!! Like father like son. His name is highlighted just in case u can’t find the. dinosaur lol word to Irv and Black Child!!”

However, the alleged police report that Montana shared on social media has been widely deemed fake by people on social media for years, and 50’s longtime enemy Ja Rule has also referenced the documents over the years, as XXL reports.

The past couple of weeks, Montana and 50 Cent have been taking shots at each other. Before New Year’s Day, 50 Cent, criticized Montana for purchasing a 2008 Bugatti and allegedly obtaining a 60-month loan to do so.


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