It seems with the start of the new year losing weight is on a lot of people’s minds. Some want to improve their health and some want to just feel better. But either way, wellness cant be achieved by using bad practices.

Amanda Smith, a registered dietitian at Novant Health Bariatric Solutions in Winston-Salem, examined five common weight-loss mistakes, and some better alternatives and these are the five worst ways she found.

  1. Setting goals that aren’t realistic
  2. Using fad diets or quick fixes
  3. Skipping meals/starvation
  4. Being a slave to numbers on the scale
  5. Too much intense exercise, too soon

Smith also offered these four weight-loss tips to help make your 2020 goal a reality.

  1. Don’t take an all-or-nothing approach
  2. Sleep is important, aim for at least seven to eight hours every night
  3. Manage your stress levels
  4. Be forgiving if you make a misstep

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