Now here’s something everybody can get behind.

A national animal welfare organization, Best Friends Animal Society, is dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025. They made a:30 video to summarize the state of pet shelters in North Carolina in hopes that it will inspire people to take action in their own local communities.

Check out the video below:


I didn’t know this, but North Carolina is number three on the list of states in the United States that kill the most shelter pets. This is absolutely devastating. Every week, 1,077 dogs and cats are killed in shelters due to not being adopted out in time. That translates to 56,000 shelter animal deaths a year.

But you know what? THAT CAN CHANGE!

35 years ago, 17 million animals were dying and today there are around 733,000 deaths. That’s huge progress but how amazing if we could get that number to zero? Through partnerships with municipal animal shelters, spay and neuter programs, animal welfare organizations and the community, we can Save Them All and make North Carolina a no-kill state by 2025.

With the help of the community lifesaving dashboard, Best Friends aims to empower animal lovers and help communities throughout NC save more pets. By finding their community on the dashboard, individuals can view their local animal shelter and learn how to support them through volunteering, fostering, adopting, donating, spaying/neutering their pets, signing up for legislative alerts to protect animals in their communities and sharing information with friends and family.

To learn more about Best Friends and their work in North Carolina, visit

My favorite two sayings are this:

Adopt, don’t shop.

Rescued is my favorite breed.

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