I realize carbs aren’t the healthiest thing to eat but I love a good bagel! I always have! I’m such a bagel fan that I’ve actually ordered bagels from H&H Bagels in New York and had them shipped overnight. Pricey but so worth it! 

Tomorrow, January 15, is “National Bagel Day” so I thought I’d throw out a few good places. Finding a true New York-style bagels can be difficult in this area, but there are some spots that I’ve found in Charlotte.

Poppy’s Bagels are quite yummy! I recently discovered the location that is close to the radio station on South Blvd. They offer excellent bagels and some tasty salads too. They make a tasty Matzo Ball Soup too! Perfect for this time of the year. If you go, make sure not to leave without a Black & White cookie. My favorite!

Bagel Bin is the first authentic New York bagel place I discovered in this area. I have a friend that’s originally from Long Island, and he recommends them. They have amazing bagels and cream cheese. They also have really good bagel sandwiches. There’s a location in Huntersville and one out in the Ballantyne area. I have actually driven from Gastonia to the Huntersville location early on a Saturday just to get their bagels. That says something cause I’m lazy!

Here in Charlotte, Einstein Bagels and Bruegger’s Bagels offer quick decent bagels.  department. Numerous grocery stores around town also offer bagels in their bakery. In my opinion, they don’t stand up to Poppy’s or Bagel Bin’s bagels, but they’ll work. Since tomorrow is “National Bagel Day” there are a few places you can grab deals. Free food, especially bagels, will make your day so much happier! Take a look at the deals here. Happy carb overload!



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