More money, fewer problems! 

There are countless ways to save a little extra cash, but we’ve compiled five easy hacks to save some money in 2020!

  1. CASH no cards! So this may clash a bit once you see tip two, but in 2019 try using cash where you can instead of cards. Less swiping will help you save more. However, if you get cashback by using credit cards at gas stations/groceries…use them ONLY for that!
  2. Use cashback programs! Programs like Ebates, Ibotta, and even credit cards can help you SAVE on everyday spending. I mean if you are going to the grocery store and buying milk…why not get 25 cents back if you can?!
  3. Pack your LUNCHES! If you work from home, that’s a different story. But if you work at an office, you can save thousands this year by packing your lunch. (Bonus…it’s healthier)
  4. It’s time to say goodbye…A BIG way to save is by not looking. Try unfollowing and unsubscribing from any account on social media that makes you want to spend money. You’ll see fewer impulse buys in 2019 if you do! 
  5. Tax season is savings season NOT SPEND! When you get your 2018 tax return, save it don’t spend it. This will help put some money back in your pocket.

Happy saving!

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige