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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - FEBRUARY 17: An employee serves a portion of Kentucky Fried Chicken and chips at the international chain's local franchise February 17, 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Officials are trying to reassure consumers that it is safe to eat well cooked poultry following the discovery of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in swans in Europe. According to the Times newspaper of London, viruses are reportedly destroyed by cooking for at least one minute at 75C (167F) or higher. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

So, when you hear plant based chicken, what exactly do you think? Will you try it? Will it be good? Probably most of all, will it taste like chicken? Honestly, all plant based items aren’t nasty. I think our bodies can be so programmed to eating all these bad things that we are used to salt, used to the sugar, used to the bad things. Last year during lent, I gave up sodas and boy oh boy did my palette change. All of a sudden everything was sweet or salty. It honestly made me open up and be willing to try and eat other things.

I’m really glad that I did because I’m super open now to eating things such as plant based chicken. So, KFC decided to test this out in two markets and Charlotte made the list of two. The other market is Nashville, TN. I guess we realllly love chicken in the Queen City. The original test happened in Atlanta with chicken nuggets and from what they say, the line was around the block. I’m thinking dang yall! Ya’ll are NOT playing about trying this. Gimmicks work every time.

Well, here in the Queen City, the test will be more on chicken breasts. I’m willing to try it. Well, you will be able to try this at participating KFC restaurants around the Queen City from Feb 3rd – Feb 23rd.