EMERYVILLE, CA - FEBRUARY 03: Denny's waitress Hirut Bizuneh prepares to deliver free Grand Slam breakfasts to customers February 3, 2009 in Emeryville, California. People lined up at Denny's across North America today for a free Grand Slam breakfast given away between 6am and 2pm at over 1,500 Denny's restaurants in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. The promotion was announced during a Super Bowl commercial. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Let’s grab some flapjacks and a ring and get to it, baby!

Headed to Las Vegas on Friday? Well, if you are and you and boo are planning on getting married…Denny’s has the answer to your wedding prayers. Yes, Denny’s just announced they’re performing free weddings in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day and they have their own wedding chapel.

Normally the weddings there cost $200, but on Valentine’s Day, couples can get married there for free, without registering in advance or anything. You’ve just gotta show up between noon and 6:00 P.M and the wedding includes complimentary “wedding pancake puppies” and a champagne toast, but any other foods and drinks will cost you.

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