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383515 01: People walk around the Harvard University''s main campus December 19, 2000 in Cambridge, MA. Members of a committee searching for a new president for Harvard University nominated Vice President Al Gore to succeed the retiring president of the institution. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

After being deferred, Ethan Kim decided upon a special approach for consideration.

Kim is a senior at Andrey Kelly High School and had interest in pursuing secondary education at the reputable Harvard University. The deferment does not necessarily mean rejection , it just means he is legible for acceptance during the regular admission cycle.

He is aware of the competition into Harvard is stiff. According to Prep Scholar, only 4.7% of students who apply to Harvard University are accepted. That would be 4.7 applicants out of 100.

The video titled ‘Harvard Let Me In’ has racked up over 1oo,ooo views. During the 4-minute video, Kim states all the reasons that he should be accepted.

I didn’t do the rap video out of I was upset with the deferral. I wasn’t upset at all,” Kim said. “If someone at Harvard were to see the video, I hope they know that it was me really having fun and most importantly, me being true to myself.”

Kim says he should receive a decision by late March.

He serves as an inspiration to others to be themselves when applying to colleges during this college application season.

Although he is confident in his video possibly winning the hearts of the Admission team.

At the end of the video Kim states “Simply making a rap video is not going to get me into one of the best colleges in the world, but this is the best representation of me. Ultimately, wherever I end up is where I belong.”I believe whatever college that ultimately wants me for who I am is where I belong.”

Written by Intern Zainab J. Kabia