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Blue Lights
We might not be proud to admit it but most of us do look at our computer screen and our phones almost all day long clicking social media news sources and texting photos. Whether it’s for work or whatever we’re staring and glaring at a screen. Have you gotten to the end of the day and just felt like your head was throbbing? Or do you get halfway through your day and have a headache from the lighting in the office or desktop computers?

Eye strain could be caused by the blue light emitted from digital screens. There are now blue light glasses that protect your eyes from all of the harmful lights your screen gives off. The glasses themselves come in all different shapes and sizes. Even for someone who doesn’t wear glasses, they’re worth getting used to. Especially since they’re helping you get rid of those headaches and restless nights of sleep from looking at the screen all day. The best part about these blue light glasses, you can find them anywhere between $11-$150 with hundreds of different styles and colors to match every person and every outfit!


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