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I like to go out to eat. I probably eat out more than most so I have been tasked with doing food reviews for the places I go eat at. This week I ate at Webb’s Kitchen in Gastonia. I will give you the review in these categories: wait for time, service, decor/ look, food taste & quality. Let’s get started.

Wait time: we had reservations. So on the wait time even with a reservation, I will give them a thumbs up. It took about 8 minutes. Which is normal.

Service: the service in this restaurant is excellent. They definitely get a thumbs up. Everyone is smiling. The valet guy was nice. The waitress was very attentive.

Decor/Look: The theme is and an old movie theater. They show movies on a big screen while they are cooking. When I say old movie theater I’m talking early 1900’s old which I feel like is dope. It looks and feels nice. Big thumbs up.

Food Quality/Overall Taste: This is what you have been waiting for. Larry how is the food?  My wife had steak (the Ribeye). It was cooked to perfection. Tender n tasty. She smiled with every bite. I had the shrimp n lobster Tortellachi. Whew, it was sooooo good. If u like lobster n shrimp go get it Rite noooooww. Big thumbs up on the food quality and taste.

I highly recommend you check out Webb’s Kitchen. It gets a Nolimit Larry Thumbs Up