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Yes I stopped by another food spot here in the city. This time I wanted to grab some crab legs. It was my homie wife’s birthday so we pulled up to Crafty Crab in university. Let’s see how they did. The catergories are: wait time, service, decor, and food quality.

Wait time: we had reservations for a big party. We had a party of about 10. They had table ready and we was immediately seated. Two thumbs up on this.

Service: they assigned one super waitress to our table and got others to help make sure orders were correct. Waitress was polite. Managers were good. Two thumbs up for service.

Decor: the decor in this place is nice. Great seating. Great views. And booth space is good. Seats are comfortable. Two thumbs up on decor.

Food Quality: the moment of truth. The food. What i order was the seafood bag with crab legs, shrimp, and potatoes. The sauce i ordered was garlic butter. Hmmm hmmm I was completely satisfied. Food was delicious. Two Thumbs Up on the food. The only thing they are missing is A one desserts. You know I love desserts.

I approve Crafty Crab.