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Read Across America Day

Tonight might be a good night to snuggle up with a good book because it’s National #ReadAcrossAmerica Day. The Charlotte Pancreatic Cancer Alliance shared a tweet regarding the powerful book written by former @MeckCounty Manager Harry Jones who delivers a straight forward narrative on how his life was transformed following a #PancreaticCancer diagnosis.  If you’re wondering what pancreatic cancer is, it’s caused by mutated cells growing out of control, forming a tumor. Typical warning signs of pancreatic cancer are:

  • Jaundice (yellow color) in the skin or eyes.
  • A recent rise in blood sugar levels.
  • Back or abdominal pain.
  • Recent weight loss.
  • Dark urine and lighter-colored bowel movements.

Since it’s Read Across America Day check out Harry’s book before hitting the sack tonight at:

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