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First, I have to say Mommy’s, I’m obsessed with heading to Moe’s on a Monday. Let me tell you how they are a stress reliever for me before we get into this Mommy hack. On Mondays, you can get a burrito or a bowl, chips, and salsa forget this! $5.99? If that isn’t a stress reliever I don’t know what is. Only 6 bucks! Yep, I’m here for it. I even created this quiz for you to take to help you figure out which Mom you are to help you pick your bowl or burrito easier. Turn’s out I’m a Moe’s Close Talker. Seems like this quiz is on point! Click here so you can take the quiz too.

I’m super excited to share this hack with you all. So a few weeks ago, my husband and I went to the Bahamas and found out about this amazing tree. It’s called “Moringa.” The Bohemian’s call the tree “The Tree of Life.” Well, I obtained some of this plant and wow! Let me tell you! I got it and sprinkled a little in my smoothie that I made this morning. Before I ate it, I was a little nasally, a bit achy, and just a lot of sinus pressure. Y’all! By midday, I was feeling EXTREMELY better. When I did my research, even children can take it. So, I give my children black elderberry already, but this right here can be a great addition. When I posted about it, Mom’s all over said how great this worked to get them and their children better. Check with your local oriental or middle eastern store to obtain some. They may be called “drumsticks.” Enjoy your Mommy hack of the week.