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This is my food review for this week. This week I stopped in Essex uptown at the corner of trade and tryon. The location is ideal for people who work downtown and want to grab a quick bite to eat. The spot has a nice business feel to it. It is almost Sex and the City like. Here is my review.

Wait Time: I have been here more that once. Every time I come it’s during lunch. The wait time is minimal. They get two thumbs up on wait time.

Service: The staff looks hand picked by someone. They all smile and dress well. They all fit the overall look of the restaurant. Our waitress this day was having a bad day. She wasn’t smiling like everyone else and was a bit attitudal. I’ll give them one thumb up and one thumb down for the service.

Decor: The restaurant is very clean and is business like. Makes you feel like you are having lunch in a movie or something. It’s fits the busy scene of downtown Charlotte. Two thumbs up on decor.

Food Quality: I have had different meals for lunch since going to Essex. Everything I have eaten has been pretty good. Not overly good but pretty good. Now the pecan dessert is worth the price of admission. This was a tip top dessert. For that alone I would give them two thumbs up on food.

I would recommend you try Essex.