Listeners, friends and strangers, I have a new show for you to keep you entertained and educated during our current pandemic situation.

The show is called “100 Humans” available on Netflix and it is a new social experiment show. The whole premise of the eight-part series is to answer questions we all have about human behavior. Truthfully, I am a sucker for science and comedy, so I started watching it. After making it through all the episodes in two days (yes, I have a life) I personally think its AMAZING and wanted to share!

I won’t spoil it for you, but just to give you a little insight, the series is quite comical and follows Zainab Johnson, Sammy Obeid, and Alie Ward as they instruct one hundred adults through a wide variety of experiments. The various activities and questions the participant’s endure range from things like “which generation is better” to “figuring out which way is the right way to wipe after using the bathroom.”

I learned quite a bit from this show. One spoiler, I did find out I am in the best age range right now which made me feel a lot better about life. I guess if I’m stuck inside the house, I may as well educate myself right? Check out the trailer below and enjoy!

You can see more on the show here.

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