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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - JANUARY 2: People run on treadmills at a New York Sports Club January 2, 2003 in Brooklyn, New York. Thousands of people around the country join health clubs in the first week of the new year as part of their New Year's resolution. Many health clubs see a surge in business of 25 percent immediately after the new year, only to see those numbers level off by spring. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

While gyms such as our local YMCA’s closing due to COVID-19 that doesn’t mean that our workouts need to stop. 

That’s right! Going to the gym is a good way to start your workouts and actually get motivated but if you didn’t know you can do these same workouts at home.. just by substituting your routine. 

So there’s no need to put a pause on our summer body goals just because of COVID-19 … maybe take this opportunity to self motivate yourself. 

Jumping Squats – 45sec

Sit up – 45sec 

Mountain climbers – 45 sec

Toe touches 45sec

Jumping lunges – 45sec 

Plank 45sec

Jumping jacks – 45 sec

10 burpees 

Butt kicks – 45 sec 

Bicycle kicks – 45sec 


Make sure that between each exercise your are taking a 15sec break. These exercises can be modified or substituted with others if you prefer. For example if you have stairs you can try running up and down the stairs as a workout. This whole circuit will have your heart beating and calories dropping.