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One the things people are finding to do while social distancing/self-quarantining during the Coronavirus pandemic? Themselves.

According to T3, adult toy brand Womanizer has seen their sales up 50 percent compared to their original projections from January 1 through March 6. Sales in Italy are 60 percent higher than originally projected, despite the fact, or because, they have been on lockdown since March 11. Sales in the United States, meanwhile, are currently “trending” 60 percent higher than expected.

In a statement, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Womanizer Johanna Rief said, “Of course, we didn’t anticipate a surge in sales of Womanizer due to corona[virus]. We do know…that time is an essential factor when it comes to sexuality and self-pleasure. With the prospect of long-periods at home either alone or with your partner, people are exploring new ways to make the best of the time available.”

T3 would go on to cite a New York Times Q&A with various medical experts about how one can and cannot contract COVID-19. While the World Health Organization says coronavirus isn’t typically sexually transmitted, they can’t definitively say regarding COVID-19. Kissing, however, is a likely way to spread the virus, according to the medical experts questioned.

So, either stick to the safest love of all or be like Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman and have a “no kissing” rule. After all, “It’s too personal.”

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