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10th August 1942: Two ladies play whist in Broomfield Park, Southgate, as part of the 'Holiday At Home' attractions in many London districts. (Photo by R. J. Salmon/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

I know you’re reading the title like what in the hell is really going on. BABY I said the exact same thing. Well, I was stuck in the house like a lot of other folks, and I started researching crazy stuff.

So I looked up spade rules and one rule blew me away. So in I guess what is “street spades,” cause hell, I still think the way I’ve learned is THE WAY, but in spades, we bid “books.” Why did NO ONE tell me it’s technically called a “trick.” Now I only know one definition for that, and it has nothing to do with spades. But, ok…..

The rules also talk about adding jokers. Now, I do know that’s optional, but nobody is playing any other way but, JOKER, JOKER, DEUCE, DEUCE! Stop playing with me! Lol. And if you know like I know, we gonna write “Big” on the big joker whether we know which one it is or not. K!

Now, I’ve heard of bidding “nil,” but most of the time, we aren’t doing that in “street spades.” Have you heard any other rules that you cant rock with?