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A heated exchange of words turned into a shouting match Friday during a Lake Worth, FL. City commission member Omari Hardy and Mayor Pam Triolo. The two have a long time unstable co-working relationship, not agreeing on very many things. Things came to a head when Hardy told the board they should have had this meeting last week. Also, Hardy stated that the local city manager Micheal Bornstein ordered residents power to be shut off, forcing families to pay what could be their last paychecks during a world pandemic. 

“This is a banana republic, is what you’re turning this place into with your so-called leadership,” Commissioner Omari Hardy shouted at Mayor Pam Triolo at a meeting of the city commission on Thursday. “We should have been talking about this last week.

Thursday’s dispute capped off a local power struggle that appears to have riven the city’s government, stemming from a series of objections Hardy had raised about the delegation of powers during the COVID-19 emergency. On an email that was sent to Triolo and the commissioners by City Manager Michael Bornstein, who is appointed by the commission, in order to “clarify and reaffirm” his authority to “make and implement temporary changes” to governance decisions, according to The Palm beach Post.

Coronavirus Florida: Lake Worth Beach city commission meeting turns ugly

Thursday night's Lake Worth Beach city commission meeting turned into a screaming, name-calling, finger-pointing affair between Commissioner Omari Hardy on o...




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