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We are still celebrating our healthcare professionals that are on working hard to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.   Yesterday, I recieved this message from one of these special individuals…

Hey Ms. Jessica, thank you for recognizing the healthcare workers. It has been a challenge dealing with all this especially if your a parent of younger children as well. Not only are we trying to accommodate everyone and their needs, but us mothers, especially the single mothers, also have to go home and do home schooling due to the schools being closed.  It hasn’t been easy, but we are definitely doing what we can. Thank you again for the recognition.  (@msbrooklyn91 on IG)

Thank you to every health professional that working hard for us!  We appreciate you!  Stay safe Nosey Neighbors!

If you are a medical professional, I want to highlight you!  Send your picture to or by entering using our form below.