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COVID-19 has us quarantined pretty much, for some of us parents. We are having to homeschool our children. Well, I have two children. A 12 year old and a 3 year old. My 3-year old is really into learning colors, but it can be a little difficult teaching them.

Well, my son loves cars so I created, to my knowledge, a little something to help him with colors. So all you need is the following

-colored paper


-pen/colored pencil (dark color and lighter to better write on darker paper)

-Matchbox car or something similar.

So I cut the colored paper into strips and drew line on them like a racetrack. What I did after that is I would ask my son to place his car on the corresponding track color mentioned. I even compared the colors to PJ Masks. He loves that show and it could make the colors easier. For example: “Show Mommy the blue track. Blue like ‘Catboy’.” It was a huge hit! Hope you parents love it!