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I have a friend named Tiffany that I have known since I was 5 YEARS OLD!  (she is gonna kill me for this picture!  LOL!)

Me and Tiff at an Amusement Park in Ohio one summer.

Today, Tiffany is a wonderful mother and a 4th GRADE TEACHER.  (and still one of my dearest friends!  #Blessed)

A couple weeks ago, many teachers across America packed up their classroom, left their schools, and went from in-person to virtual learning.  Many of these professionals didn’t even get to say goodbye to their students.

One of Tiffany’s parents asked her to write about her “New Normal”.  Here is what she had to say…

In a matter of days, I went from being a 4th grade teacher to a full-time virtual professor (as I like to call it), housekeeper, non-stop chef, daily grocery shopper and of course my main full-time job mom/referee to my competitive, athletic, amazing sons. As I think about this, I know what’s going on but, I’m still in disbelief to an extent. Disbelief that I will never set foot back into my classroom with my two phenomenal classes this year. Disbelief that there won’t be anymore “Fri-Yay Fundays,” Silent Ball, or Morning Meetings on our classroom carpet while we just talk to each other and share our genuine love and concern for one another. I was so blessed to have another year of students that finished my sentences as well as their peer’s. We were more than just “Mrs. Johnson’s Class” we were and still are a true family. I mean I actually had students that learned my ad-libs and knew when I was going to say, “Oh wow” and “Get ’em out!” Students that truly got my sarcasm and understood “the look” from me.  I could really go on but I just hope my students know that as much as they needed me to be their teacher, I needed them just as much. My Grandmother, whom was also a retired educator, always told me as a child that the biggest lessons students learned were never taught from a textbook and I know exactly what she meant. We had daily moments of life lessons in Cottage 10. ????????????

One of the last pictures Tiffany took with her 4th grade class.

I know a lot of teachers like Tiffany and I want to take a minute to highlight them and everyone that works in our schools.  The social workers, front desk staff, cafeteria staff, custodial crew, counselors, support staff…EVERYONE!  Thank you for moving so quickly to make sure that our kids are still receiving their education and for continuing to engage with them while balancing your personal lives during this chaotic time!  WE APPRECIATE YOU!


If you are an “Excellent Educator”, I want to highlight you!  Send your picture to or by entering using our form below.