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A Natural Oven Cleaning Solution

With all the pollen in the air, are you on your second spring cleaning venture? If you’re like me, you never think about cleaning the oven until Thanksgiving, but I think we’d clean ovens more if the process was effortless and chemical cleaners weren’t so strong , but even the “self-cleaning” ovens have their drawbacks, they leave incinerated food particles afterwards, and heaven forbid you open the oven before it’s finished, because the house will be filled with smoke!

Well, I found a nice way to clean the oven without a single chemical or much elbow grease either- Steam it! I am sure you’ve all known you can steam your microwave clean with a bowl of water & toss in a lemon to help break down the particles & leave a citrus smell. But did you know you can do the same to your oven? All you need is a large oven-safe bowl or container that you fill with water and heat at 450℉ for 20-60 minutes. After your oven cools you can wipe away the moisture and with it comes the grease and food. If you find a stubborn baked-on piece, just get out some baking soda and vinegar(or lemon) and make a paste that you can scrub with to get it cleaned. Let’s give it up to Amanda Haggist who share this recipe with me!

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