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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 14: Alexa Chung attends a photocall to launch her Alexa Manicure collection with Nails Inc at Debenhams on August 14, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

We may be ordered to stay at home, but ladies that should not stop us from maintaining our favorite aesthetics such as nails. The salons are closed until further notice but there are DIY options available to provide you with the perfect mani and Pedi. Gel polish tends to be less messy, gives intense shine, lasts longer than regular polish, and requires no drying time. 

Below I have a list of some of the best gel nail kits for your new at-home salon including some of the nail trends that are sure to make an appearance this summer. One other alternative that I have is that I will rock some custom press on. If you decide not to take that route, here is another great route. 

1.VIshine Gel nail polish starter kit– Gel manicure kit available for purchase on for $46.99. This 32-piece set will have you looking to provide you with everything you need to shape, prep, and polish your nails. This set comes with a full LED lamp,6 polishes, a base/top coat just to name a few. 
2. Gelie-cure Foundation Pro Kit Pro LED Light- Simple gel kit available at for $65.00. This kit comes with an LED lamp and an essential gel nail foundation products. Polish sold separately. 

3.Sally HansonSALON GEL POLISH GEL NAIL COLOR STARTER KIT – This Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit is available for purchase at Pricing varies from the distributor. It comes with LED lamp, acetone remover, one gel polish of your choice, nail cleansing pads, nail file, cuticle tool, and base/topcoat.

4.Le Mini Macaron– A gel manicure kit that is available for purchase at urban outfitters for $35.00. This mini macaroon shaped gel light works with one nail at a time. Although it is compatible with other polishes, it has its own foundation set and all-in-one polish that is sold separately. 

5. Essie`s Gel Coutour Polish and topcoat– This gel polish is available at Ulta and Target for $11.50. Some may not be ready to commit to the whole kit. So here is a simple way to still achieve that gel manicure with the same results without the lamp.