Coronavirus Information Report

DINSLAKEN, GERMANY - MARCH 15: An athlete cleans the equipment with disinfectant after a CrossFit class at CrossFit Hiesfeld on March 15, 2020 in Dinslaken, Germany. As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection continues to rise daily across Germany so is the impact of the virus on everyday life. Businesses are increasing home office work, airlines are decreasing their flight capacity, schools with cases of the virus are closing temporarily, some sports events are void of spectators, shops are selling out of disinfectants and large-scale public events are being cancelled. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

What’s your protocol when you get home after stepping out for your essentials? When you’re out and about shopping for essentials you are being exposed to a bunch of germs. Your shoes, clothes, phones, keys, and wallets are highly at risk because we are constantly always touching something and going back and touching our phones or keys.

Before going anywhere I apply hand sanitizer on my hands and only bring into the grocery store the items I need the most such as my phone, keys, and $$$ all those items I place in my pocket or bag and they don’t get touched till check out. Once I get in my car, I apply hand sanitizer again. It may be a little extra, but I take my own Lysol in the store and spray my buggy down just in case.

Here’s a couple of tips that I use when I get home to eliminate those germs and protect the rest of my family.

  • Don’t touch or sit anywhere (beds, couches, chairs)

  • Take off your shoes before entering your house (germs can live on the surface & bottom of your shoe). If you have antibacterial spray(no bleach) or alcohol you can spray the top and bottom of your shoes

  • Make sure you are wiping down your phone, keys, anything that you had with you at the time

  • After doing so, go straight to the bathroom. If the washer is free to drop your clothes in, if not place those close in the bag until the washer is free

  • Take a shower

  • After all, has been completed now you can hug your family 🙂

Also, you can always go the extra mile by wiping down your groceries lightly and making sure you rinse your veggies & fruits.