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When I pulled up to go through the Starbuck line there was a sea of cars ahead of me, so by the time I grabbed my expresso, the Starbucks attendant said, “I think your cell phone is on the top of your car roof”. OMG! Yes it is! I literally drove 2 miles with my cell phone on the roof of my car, and the only reason I think it didn’t fall off is because I have a rubber case protecting my phone, literally an ugly rubber cell phone cover.  This whole COVID-19 quarantine has got me discombobulated. So let me get to the meat of my story. So. the Starbucks attendant and I chat it up for a few seconds and she says they’re giving free coffee away to first responders when they come through the line.  Big box companies are being a little more friendly these days, and that’s a good thing!

Did you also know that 7-Eleven gas stations are saying thank you to Charlotte medical staff and first responders for the entire month of  April by giving them FREE car washes? It’s at the perfect time because pollen is nuts right now, and that small act of kindness could brighten up their day!  This is only for Charlotte and only at participating stations, so I would call ahead before going.

If you’re not a big box company, you can write thank you letters and mail them to the facility. or write an open letter on social media. You can order food from a trusted source and get it delivered to the facility.

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