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If you are a Carowinds pass holder, this is great news!

Carowinds made an announcement yesterday that extends dates for season pass holders. The park announced that the season passes will be valid for the rest of 2020, once the park is able to reopen, plus the 2021 season.

The Fort Mill theme park will also extend any 2020 season pass add-on products that you may have purchased. For pass holders using the Easy Pay Program, monthly billing was suspended on April 8 and will remain suspended while the park is closed. When the park reopens, billing will resume. Your benefits will stay the same. So if you purchased a regular-season pass for 2020, that’s what you’ll get in 2021.

If you purchased a Gold Pass for 2020, you’ll still have a Gold Pass in 2021. For 2020 Platinum Passes, those will be valid at all Cedar Fair parks during the 2021 season. The2020 Pre-K Pass will be valid during 2020 only.

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