Coronavirus Information Report

One of the positives from this pandemic is that we are all finally recognizing the REAL heroes of America: health care workers, teachers, police officers, firemen/women, truck drivers, retail employees, transportation employees, restaurant workers, and the list goes on. THESE are the people we count on in a time of crisis and they deserve “thank yous” in a big way.

Hallmark is stepping up and is giving away cards so that millions of people across the country can send thank-you notes to people on the frontlines. In March Hallmark announced that it was giving away 1 million cards in an effort to help folks connect in a positive way. Now the company will be giving away 2 million cards, which will include messages focused on the essential workers who have become the backbone of the country during the outbreak.

The series of three cards include encouraging messages such as, “You are so amazing! So thankful for you,” and, “What you do matters… a lot. One of the cards will feature shapes that can be colored in with crayon. It also comes with the message, “Not all heroes wear capes… thanks for all you do.”

If you’d like to send one of these free positive thank you notes to someone you know or to some of our local heroes, you can sign up for a free 3-pack of the cards here. This is an awesome idea and this is something the whole family can do. Kids can truly learn about the sacrifices that others make and personalize the cards with drawings and notes. Nice job Hallmark!

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