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Now that we’re at least 6 weeks behind on manicures, pedicures, and haircuts, it’s not so bad, is it?  No, it’s bad, it’s really bad because we’re trying our best to bend over and touch our toes just to file them down. If you had acrylic or gel on your fingernails, I feel your pain. I wish people would share their funny manicures, pedicures, and haircuts because it could lighten the mood in the air.

There is definitely an elephant in the room these days when people giving the side-eye as someone walks by, not wearing a mask or gloves.  Who can afford the luxury of sterile gloves and masks if you’re laid off? Maybe we can use a part of our government checks to purchase some or choose to pay rent, mortgage, or car payment.  And if your family member is sick it can be a tough time. Do you feel supported in this time of need? If you have any thoughts of suicide, please know that you’re not alone, but can pull through to the other side with some encouragement.

Since the Spring and Summer season brings the highest rate of death by suicide, we must be extremely sensitive to the feelings of others during this time. Recently, the FCC recommended that 988 be designated as a national crisis hotline, but they’re telling people to continue to call and share 800-273-TALK (8255) to connect to a Lifeline because 988 is NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE and will NOT connect callers to the Lifeline.

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