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This fabulous lady is my hero of the week! It’s a shame to let wonderful clothes just hang in the closet, so why not rock out a fashion show like this wonderful woman! 91-year-old Betty McDonald of Georgia is not letting her awesome clothes stay in the house. Since Betty is older, she can’t go out to socialize with her friends right now so she’s found a new way to showcase her outfits.

“I’ve got three closets full of clothes … and jewelry like you wouldn’t believe,” McDonald told CBS affiliate WGCL.  Betty mentioned to her caretaker that she missed getting dressed up. Her caretaker, Kim Taylor, decided to do something fun to take their minds off of the pandemic.

So they started holding daily fashion shows in the yard. Every day Betty will model a different outfit with accessories, and Taylor takes photos of her.  Taylor has snapped countless photos of McDonald’s in flowing skirts, elaborate jewelry, and interesting hats. All of her outfits are perfectly coordinated and she loves some flash!

Taylor also took some videos of McDonald all dolled up and uploaded the videos on YouTube. They’ve gotten quite the response, and for good reason! McDonald’s clothes are one of a kind. The videos and pictures have gone viral and they are awesome! McDonald’s husband passed away in 2007 and she doesn’t have any kids. Showing off her outfits makes her feel good and it’s now giving her a chance to interact with people online. I just love her! And I love her fashion sense….she wears what she wants and rocks it! This woman is my hero of the week.

Caution….this video is fun but you may shed a tear when she discusses her husband. I did! Read more on the story here and you can see more of the videos here.

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