Coronavirus Information Report

As we start to emerge from the pandemic, it will be interesting to see just how airplane travel will be going forward.

Many of the airlines have already said that face masks are mandatory on flights, but will most flights be full of passengers? Will they be more expensive?

SFGate in San Francisco reports that the travel industry is going to become much, much smaller in the near future. Among things that will likely change are:

  • Airline ticket prices will likely soar.
  • Weekend trips to faraway places will decrease.
  • Getting through the airport is going to take longer; airlines may require rapid coronavirus checks.
  • Hotel stays will include staff hiding behind masks and they will also be more expensive.
  • Meals in crowded restaurants will be a thing of the past and it will be necessary to space people out for safety.
  • Big company events and retreats will more than likely be a thing of the past at least for a year or two.

Meanwhile, because of the COVID-19 outbreak being so big in the U.S., Americans are going to have a tough time finding a warm welcome in other countries for a while.