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Need to come to the natural side of beauty? If you agree, let’s make an easy solution of ACV and use it as a toner. It doesn’t matter if your toning your skin, cleaning your home, or trying to lose that last 10 lbs, there is a way to do it naturally and cost-effectively with vinegar.

It’s crazy, I know. If you are not wise to the many benefits of this tart remedy then you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve come to tell you how to save money, skip the chemicals, and glow with health the natural way… with vinegar. You want skin tone and tight, right? These days there are so many products on the shelves in the beauty aisle promising radiance and agelessness. It gets overwhelming and if we’re being honest those products can get pretty pricey.

Flip those over and notice a barrage of chemicals you can’t pronounce let alone identify. What role do Phthalates play giving you a flawless complexion? How about parabens or propylene glycol? The short answer is none: they can do more harm than good. But never fear, my love. I’m going to teach you skincare the right way with this all-natural apple cider vinegar toner.
Spa Day! First, get a bottle of apple cider vinegar. The best one says on the bottle “with the mother”. This ensures it is unfiltered and has all its natural benefits. I use Braggs Organic ACV.
Next mix one part vinegar into two parts unfiltered water into a container of your choice. If your skin is more sensitive, add two parts vinegar and four parts water and mix it up. All done! If you want you can stir a few drops of essential oils or herbal tea. I use lemongrass and mint tea.
Once your mixture is complete make sure your skin is clean. Next, get a cloth or cotton swab and dab it all around your face except under the eyes. You do not have to rinse the mixture off once applied. Finally, apply your usual moisturizer and presto! You are glowing!

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