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Love will make you do crazy things. According to the New York Post, a Pennsylvania man tried to sneak into Germany to visit his girlfriend during the coronavirus pandemic. He did so by disguising himself as a janitor at the airport.

They state, “The unidentified 20-year-old man flew Sunday on United Airlines from Washington, DC, to Frankfurt airport, where he donned a yellow neon vest to try to deceive security guards and border control. Once he arrived in the terminal, he took two trash cans and attempted to empty them behind the security area, according to the report.”

Unfortunately, his plans were spoiled when an officer noticed he wasn’t wearing a security ID. He also couldn’t speak German.

The man explained to authorities that he wanted to see his girlfriend that he met while she was stateside on a student exchange program. Luckily, the man wasn’t arrested. According to The Post, he was released, spent the night in the airport transit area, and was deported back home.